Our Fall Arts & Craft Fair will be held November 18 & 19, 2023.


Contact us at info@rotaryfair.com  


Crafter Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me a little about your shows:
We have two shows annually. The Fall Show is always the weekend before Thanksgiving with over 400 booths and approximately 20,000 visitors in attendance. Our Spring Show is usually two weeks before Easter. It is a smaller, more intimate show with 250 booths.

How do I apply for the shows?
You may find craft fair applications and instructions on our website. You’ll need to:

  1. Print and make copies of the completed application.
  2. Send three copies to the PO Box on the application with your check, pictures of your craft and a self-addressed stamped return envelope.

We will contact you in regard to selection.

Does it all have to be handmade?
Yes, it is our stated goal that items sold must be made by the crafter manning the booth space.

What are your guidelines for allowable craft items?
In order to maintain the nature and quality of our Arts and Crafts Fairs and provide the best experience for our crafters and shoppers, the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Rotary Club uses the following guidelines:

  • An item must be made “from scratch” (starting with basic materials) or you must have made a significant artistic or practical improvement to an existing item. An item is also allowable if it features your original creative work, for example – drawings and paintings, photographs or a book you have written.
  • An item must be crafted by you or someone in your immediate family. You should be able to describe how an item is made, if asked, even if you did not make it yourself, for example – a spouse manning the booth.
  • You may not sell items you have purchased from another source and are re-selling without having made a significant crafting improvement or embellishment. We do not accept items manufactured and sold through consultants or representatives.
  • You may not sell clothing or accessory items with a “Made in” or other manufacturing tag, unless you can clearly show your significant crafting improvement to the items.

What is your booth size?
Indoor booths are 9 feet wide by 5 feet deep and sell for $100.00 (Fall) and $90.00 (Spring) for both days. Outdoor spaces are 10 feet by 10 feet and sell for $40.00 for both days.

What about Electricity?
We do not charge extra for electricity; however, booths with electric are limited and assigned on a first come, first serve basis. If you must have electricity, please check the box on the application PLEASE RETURN MY APPLICATION IF NONE AVAILABLE. There is no guarantee that you will have electric.

Do you rent Tables & Chairs?

Are there ‘helpers’ available to carry my items?

Am I able to choose my booth space?
Returning crafters have the option of keeping their booths; however, they must sign up for their space at the show for the next year’s show. (It must be Fall to Fall or Spring to Spring) Generally, it is first come, first served.

What or who are you raising money for?
Rotary International is a non-profit world-wide organization founded in 1905. 100% of our Craft Fair proceeds are returned to local community projects such as high school scholarships; Angels’ Arms, Caring Solutions and Nurses for Newborns. Additionally, we support Rotary International projects such as eradicating Polio, and providing water wells in India.

Are you promoters?
No, we are the Crestwood-Sunset Hills Rotary Club and we are all volunteers.

What if I have to cancel?
The cancellation date to get money back is noted on the application.

Where do we park? Can I park a Trailer?
The parking lot for crafters is located at Truman Elementary School, 12225 Eddie and Park Road, 63127. You may also park at Long Elementary School, 9021 Sappington Road, 63126. You must park at one of these locations and take the bus to the high school. The bus runs in the morning and after the show to both schools, with a shuttle running during the show. If you wish to park a Trailer, please contact us prior to the show. Please do not park your car on the high school lot as we must provide as much on-site parking for shoppers.

What if I get hungry during the show?
We offer lunch delivery to crafters. At set-up you will receive a Welcome Packet containing two lunch envelopes and instructions for ordering. We also bring around a coffee and donut cart in the morning prior to each show and an ice cream cart in the afternoon.

Is there a waiting list?
Yes, there is often a wait list as our shows are popular, please contact us to inquire.